MGB GT Fast Road Car

Strip and detail underside of the car and engine bay, detail suspension and build engine to fast road spec.

This is a very early MK1 GT. The owner had already had the car painted but just wanted it to be checked over, & have a small amount of rust sorted on the underside. The customer also wanted a bit more power so a breathed on engine was to be built for it. This soon escalated into a complete underside and engine bay detailing as a number of suspect areas & bad repairs over the years where discovered. The car was put on the Spit, the underside taken back to bare metal, treated, primed, stone chipped and black waxed, & cavity waxed, while the engine bay was flatted back, any surface rust removed, primed and painted in body colour. The suspension & engine bay furniture where blasted & painted in 2K black. While we were at it a 4 pot caliper brake upgrade was fitted to cope with the extra power. A nice smooth engine with plenty of grunt was specified. 1900CC, flowed cylinder head & fast road cam, with a fully balanced bottom end, breathing through a pair of 1 ½” SU carbs and a LCB manifold treated with a zircotec coating to keep the heat down made it a very nice engine indeed.

ClassicstMGB GT Fast Road Car