Aston Martin DBS V8

Replace sills and re-commission the car.

This was a genuine low mileage car that had been off the road for a number of years, we were asked to re-commission & sympathetically restore the car so not to lose the patina the car had. The interior was nice, showing a bit of ageing. Mechanically the car was very good as was the body, but was in need of a full repaint as it was generally tatty. It also required a pair of outer sills, for which you cut the lower section of the body off, & an area of chassis. Any other issues found were attended to accordingly, primed and the underside was then finished in a fine stone chip and black underbody wax. All the box sections and cavities where injected with cavity wax for longevity. The interior only required small amount of work on the driver’s seat. The engine received and complete service & tune up. We outsource any of the paint and trimming work required on cars to specialist companies that we use regularly and that we work closely with from start to finish.

ClassicstAston Martin DBS V8