Aston Martin DB6 Volante

Strip and detail the underside & engine bay.

This DB6 came into have the underside stripped of underseal, cleaned, and detailed, the suspension cleaned, painted and re-assembled with new bushes. When inspected, hairline cracks were found in the chassis & inner wings that were caused from previous competition history & the onset of rust in areas of the engine bay. This necessitated the removal of the engine and gearbox, the removal of the panels found to be fatigued, new sections of panel work made up & welded in. With the this work now taking place it allowed us to strip back of the remaining paintwork in the engine bay & attend to any rust issues found. It was then primed and painted, along with the rest of the furniture for the engine bay, new cupro-nickel pipework was made up to finish off. The engine and gearbox where cleaned up and installed back into the car.

ClassicstAston Martin DB6 Volante